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Metal Recycling

Monday - Friday: 7:00AM – 5:00PM

Sunday: Closed

Recycle & Save! Trade Your Old Metals & Wires For Cash in Dartmouth.

At the Pettipas Drive location of Harbour Metals Recycling Ltd in Dartmouth, you can bring in your non-ferrous metals, old batteries, and wires and trade them in for cash.

Metals are particularly useful and precious when it comes to our regular way of life. They are used in transportation, construction, containers, machinery and so much more. However, like all natural resources, metals are finite and must be recycled. Since they don’t lose their properties upon recycling, it offers a good solution for both the environment and your wallet. 

There are two types of metals out there – Ferrous and Non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are those which predominantly have iron among its constituents and some other metals to make up its structure. While these are magnetic because of the iron, they are extremely vulnerable to corrosion. Non-Ferrous metals, on the other hand, do not have iron, are non-magnetic and are resistant to rust. 

Metal recycling in Dartmouth has proved beneficial to the environment, as well as, practical for the industries that practice it such as the auto, plumbing and aerospace industries.

What Makes This Process Great?

  • The benefits of metal recycling range from conservation of natural metals in the earth to a drastic reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases. The process also utilizes significantly less energy than when extracting metals from a natural ore— a natural ore is the mixture of minerals and metals found in mines from which the important substances are extracted via specialized processes. 
  • Recycling metal creates job opportunities! Understanding how to recycle the metal requires professional personnel to do the job right. 
  • Apart from keeping the environment clean, metal recycling in Dartmouth is a cost-effective process, as well as time efficient, as it takes less time than the long-drawn out metal extraction process from a natural ore.
Call now!

Harbour Metals Recycling Ltd buys and recycles non-ferrous materials such as:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Wires
  • Stainless Steel
  • Batteries (Automotive & Industrial)

Don’t throw away your scrap metals, instead, make a difference and recycle them! Get cash for your metals — call or visit Harbour Metals Steel Service Centre today! Remember that you can also come to us for metal processing, cutting and purchase.